Who We Are

A group of curious minds - inspired to create conversation, connection, not just campaigns.


Amy co-founded Two Birds Talking in 2006.

"I wanted to create a brand that was meaningful, memorable and irreverent. The term ‘Birds’ refers to the dynamic women integral to the agency’s success, and ‘Talking’ highlights our ability to create meaningful conversations on behalf of our clients; to centre our clients in the local and national narrative through digital, social and traditional media.
What I’m very conscious of offering our clients now is… responsiveness and agility.
The media landscape will continue to change and social media and influencers are now a key part of every campaign we deliver. We know the difference between popularity and influence - between popularity and power.
As an agency we look at our clients - both new and established brands - as publishers, and part of our role is to create fresh and original multi-platform, multi-channel content to capture eyeballs and engagement in an authentic, impactful way. And have some fun too. That’s big with the Birds."