Who We Are


Amy Smith started Two Birds Talking more than a decade ago, and despite having a roll call of Australia’s biggest lifestyle brands under their fashionable belt, Amy has maintained her company’s innovative approach to modern day PR with an emphasis on, well, talking.

What’s in a name?

I wanted to create a brand that was memorable and irreverent. The term ‘birds’ references the strong women who are integral to the agency, and ‘talking’ highlights our skill set of creating meaningful conversations around our clients. From there, Two Birds Talking was born.

What’s the best thing about working in PR?

The constant evolution and need to be agile – the PR industry doesn’t stand still. The media landscape has changed dramatically over the past three years, with the role of social media now a key part of every PR campaign we deliver. As an agency, we look at our clients as publishers and are excited by creating fresh and original social media worthy content to ensure their brand is noticed in an authentic and impactful way.

What excites you about PR in 2016?

The convergence of PR and digital media. With the social media, influencer and ambassador space continually developing, our agency loves connecting the right people and audiences to the right brands to stand out from the pack.

What’s on the Two Birds Talking agenda in 2017?

We want to continue to work with amazing people and great brands across Australia to deliver outstanding media and social results for clients. As an agency, we genuinely love what we do and want to work with people and brands that share this same enthusiasm and energy.

Favourite mantra?

Change is uncomfortable so embrace it.